Website Pricing using Mezzanine CMS

Below are some of generic plan offerings using Mezzanine.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Basic Site

  • This is a standard Mezzanine website with it's default template
  • Not too many bells and whistles but plenty of functionality right out of the box
  • Perfect if you are just starting out and looking to get your business a presence on the web
  • $600

Basic Plus

  • All the features of the Basic Site, plus :
  • Three hours of custom template work
  • Up to a one hour demonstrating how to use Mezzanine
  • $750


  • All the features of the Basic Plus Package, plus :
  • Two more hours of custom template design for a total of five
  • One additional hour of phone consulting
  • $900

Add Ons

  • install a Bootswatch theme to your site - $40
  • An hour of templating work - $75
  • Add Content - $45/h
  • Google apps setup (get email addresses) - $100, + ($5/month to Google)
  • Namecheap email - prices vary
  • Google Analytics - $50
  • ShareThis Links for users to share your site - $25
  • SEO and Online Marketing Basics for your Business $100


My portfolio covers a vast range of applications and sites.  If you want more than the generic packages provide, please feel free to contact me.

Hosting, Maintenance & Support

You can either buy the domain yourself and host the site yourself or you can turn it over to me. I can host your site starting from $20/month. This includes maintenance of the supporting software technologies, keeping the server and components up to date, the domain purchase as well as hosting from Amazon.  I purchase domains from namecheap.  I also offer monthly, yearly and 3 year packages.

Other Work, Emergency & Special Cases

Issues requiring immediate attention, such as disaster recovery or other work classified as emergency. This applies to patches of any sort, especially resolution to problems arising from non Radtek developed projects. Costs start at $350/h for the 1st hour, $150/hour for the remaining hours with a 3 hour minimum.